Monday, June 14, 2010

Until then....

Hello everyone, I have missed connecting with all you gorgeous arty people, and sharing all these wonderful ideas swirling in my head.
But for now that will have to wait.
I have been very lucky in the last two weeks I have been offered a full time job teaching year 7's in a lovely school called Undurba. As the term is soon ending I must get organised for the new term coming and there is so much to plan and do.
So for now I must give all hugs and kisses goodbye until things settle and I find my feet.
I have plans for lots of creative endeavours in class with students, art journalling, sketching, painting and collaging, and thinking of finding a school overseas to send art, maybe handmade post cards/ATC's. Will share all I know to help them find their confidence and express themselves! I am so excited:)
In the meantime will come by and say hello and take a peek at all your lovely work.
Also last week I purchased an Art Zine from ihanna about art journalling, can't wait to read through it and get inspired.
May your days be full of creative art making.
Angie :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gut Art Painting

Happy Saturday everyone!
Another long weekend in Brissy, looking forward to doing more painting and creating more in my "Gut Art" book.
There are two pieces, the background made from printed papers, tissue paper and acrylic paint. Was waiting for it to dry last night, but was drawn/inspired to paint "Tasha", my free spirited girl, just love her and the energy she emits to me.

"TASHA" the free spirit

"SUNSHINE" background

We are at the end of the 'Gut Art' lessons, I have learnt so much about my style, where I want to focus, and not being afraid to experiment and let loose, play some.
If you ever get the chance, try Mystele's Gut Art classes, she truly is a gorgeous person with a great skill to let you find your voice!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taged Art

Happy weekend all!
Here in Oz its ANZAC day, we didn't go to the dawn service but will get together with some friends for brunch at the local club, for a commemorative drink.
I got up early this morning to finish my tags and now they are ready to be sent off.

Detail of the back of the tags.

Little hidden treasures for my blog friends.

I am off to finish my art lessons for this week, am in the mood to paint!
As I am writing this the girls are painting themselves. Rainbows and butterflies and all things nice!
Happy weekend, Angie ox.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

e-art classes!

Can't believe it has been a month since my last post!
Time sure gets away from me lately.
Kids are back in school after the Easter Break and I have started a lovely course with the wonderful artist "Mystele". She has started a ning group who are participating in her 'Gut Art' classes and they are so inspiring and so much stuff to learn. Just showing you a snippet of what I have been doing with her.
She teaches so much, I feel really lucky to be part of this very supportive and friendly group.

Below is the front cover of my 'Gut Art' book, not quite finished yet, I am going to try some pulled art, as Mystele calls it.

Here is some pages collaged, painted, and stamped not fully showing all the texture and details.

Two more weeks of the classes, so will have lots more to share soon!
Have a great weekend, Angie ox.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Art Journal Collage

Had a little time this afternoon to play with some journal pages, the hardest part is to wait for the gesso or paint to dry, and then actually finish a page!
I painted the background first, not that you can see it now, never mind its all a learning curve. Then collaged anything which I liked from old magazines I had lying around, glued them in with no thought to where or why. Then I gessoed, painted over that, and then gessoed some more, to tone the colours down. Then I went over the edges with some crayons, just to make the collaged pieces pop out!
Lastly I added another piece of paper, on which I had written a list of "How to Journal", I just wrote what ever came to mind, then glued that on and gessoed over it, painted on the back once it was folded to make it look like it was part of the collaged pieces.
It was messy and fun and quite liberating, just painting without any thought to an outcome.Hope you like my pages and maybe give it a try.

This is a tag from gorgeous Bev, I received in the mail a few days ago. Love getting mail, love getting arty mail especially.It is now hanging on a hook by the phone in the kitchen, so I get to see it and be reminded of how lucky I am every day. The "Spread The Love" give away is a tag giveaway. Once you receive the tag, it is then your turn to giveaway tags to 3 participants, plus one back to the previous tag/love giver.
All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog before the end of March.
So go on, don't be shy be part of it and let's all spread some love to one another.
Who knows how far the tags will go around the world? How very exciting!
Everyone is welcome :)
Meanwhile, I will be making more journal pages too, and tags. In between family visiting from Sydney.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Books and some journaling

In the past few months I have been collecting and reading art/creative books which I had bought throughout last year, but never got around to reading them until now. I have quickly read through them, because each and everyone of the books are wonderful eye candy, so many gorgeous pictures, colours and inspiration, how could one resist not looking through them. But yes I needed to read thoroughly through each book to truly understand what the artist was trying to convey in her book.
In the next post I will reveiew "Journal Spilling" by Diana Trout and show you some of the pages that I have attempted at doing. Lots of fun!!!
Then as I read through each book I would like to do a write up and a visual of my interpretation of the art/craft from the book.See how we go...;)

Above are some images of the Valentines' gifts I made for my family. Empty now but were filled with a little love note and chocolates ofcourse! I love how they turned out, I think these little gift bags could be made for any occassion. I found the tutorial in Shona's blog.Please go visit, this artist is truly gorgeous and generous with her art!
The last image is of a journal I made and re-made, still needs something but at the moment I will leave it,kinda stuck. Any ideas anyone?
So in the month of March, journaling is my focus, a page a day, and I am needing to catch up already! But will show and tell.
Does anyone else have a focus for the month?
Take care all you lovely creative people.....Angie ox

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A wonderful book!

Also on Amazon!
This book by Shona Cole, "The Artistic Mother" would be a wonderful edition to any artist's library. Particularly if you have a family and/or lead a busy life.

I have not read the book itself yet but found Shona's blog by accident, surfing the net one rainy day, stumbled upon it and was attracted at first by the art work I saw and as I read further I became so interested in this artist and truly wondered how a mum with 4 children and homeschooled them could possibly find the time to also make art.
Then I realised she also wrote a book recently and was doing a give away of it.
So I jumped at the chance!
(If you would like to participate in this wonderful give away all you need to do is go to Shona's blog and leave a comment, link is above in her name.)

What a wonderful opportunity to spread the word and help a fellow artist, and you could win! ;)

Happy creating, Angie ox.